Friday, February 16, 2007

Pretty in Petunia

Because pretty in pink would have just been too obvious.

Pattern: Fools Rush, by Cassie.
Yarn: Knitpicks Essential in Petunia
Needles: Size one
Modifications: Subbed in a short-row heel (I hate gussets), and added a slipped stitch down the side of the foot, next to the lace pattern. I kept looking at the picture, and it bothered me that the lace just stopped for no reason. If I had done the gusset, than the decreases would have created that line, but with short rows, there's only, like, six rows of decreases (where I picked up stitches to avoid a hole), so something else had to be done.
Things I'd change: When the author of a pattern suggests going down a needle size to compensate for a looser lace/rib pattern, listen. These don't stay up as well as I would like.

All in all, I still like these socks. They're not replacing my Jaywalkers as my current favorite, but I like them. And, when I'm walking, and I look down and see a flash of pink on my feet, it just makes me smile.

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