Saturday, January 6, 2007


Mariah is coming along. Still no pictures, but I decided to omit the hood. Partly because I never wear hoods, so it'd just cause trouble, but mostly because of the line in the instructions: "Work even until work measures 14 inches." I just don't think I have it in me to work for 14 inches on something that I'm never going to wear up. So I'm just going to substitute a small crew neck. My plan for this is to finish the raglan decreases, try it on to see if I need to continue decreasing (I suspect I will), then purl one row to fake a seam, and knit in K1P1 rib for two inches, fold one inch under, and sew that down. That's my current plan. I'm going to be spending some quality time on Google today to see if anyone else has any better ideas.

Yarn: Knitpicks Simple Stripes in, well, according to the number on the ballband, this is Tropics, but it really looks like Sunset to me. The yarn's discontinued, so I guess it's kind of moot.

Needles: Size 1 DPNs.

Modifications: Even though the chevron patterning is what's relatively inelastic, I was worried about the ribbing being to tight to go over my (ahem) shapely calves, so I started the ribbing on 84 stitches, and then decreased to 76 for the rest of the leg. And I did a short row heel instead of the heel flap (I always do a short row heel. I hate picking up gusset stitches.)

Comments: I really love these socks. I love them so much I had to be really careful when taking the pictures not to show the bottom of my feet, 'cause I've been wearing these a lot. They're not exactly identical (look carefully at the heel), but they're the closest I've ever gotten with socks, so I'm incredibly happy. Is anyone else out there wondering when Grumperina's going to make the knitting world a better place and design another sock? Or is that just me?

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