Monday, January 8, 2007

I managed to finish Mariah this weekend. Of course, then I tried it on and realized the fit was not quite what I wanted. So I frogged back the collar, replaced the stitches on my needle, scratched out a few notes on what I wanted to change and threw it on a pile on the floor. I'll return to that soon.

Basically, the shoulders aren't as close to my neck as I want, so I'll try some tricky short-row bits there, and the front of the neckline has too much material (it can overlap by a couple of inches) and while I could just leave it alone with the knowledge that I'm never going to zip it all the way up, I really want this sweater to fit. So I'm going to do some decreases there.

The picture is lousy. For the record, I safety-pinned the front for the picture, so that's why it's gaping so much and my tailor's dummy has broader shoulders than I do. Really, Mariah fits the dummy much better than it fits me.
So what did I do while the sweater was on the floor? Two things: I worked on the world's most boring scarf (black, Wool-Ease, 1x1 ribbing) and cast on for Pirate Mittens.

The pattern calls for sport-weight yarn. I tried to do it with fingering weight. Needless to say, that did not work. I spent part of last night and this morning recharting the pattern, to accommodate more stitches. I have no idea if this is going to work, but having already cast on and ripped about three times on this project, what's once more?

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