Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's a sock yarn miracle, Charlie Brown!

I don't throw the word "miracle" around very often, but it seems appropriate in this case. A miracle along the lines of the Hanukkah one. Where I only had enough sock yarn left in one ball to get me part-way down the leg, and instead, this is what I got:

I'm on the row before the toe decreases. The row before the toe decreases! Out of the same ball of yarn that I got the first sock out of. The socks are my normal length, so it's a sock yarn miracle.

It's actually a little disappointing now that I have to break into the other ball for just these few rows. It's okay though. I have a plan for the leftovers.
And just in case anyone's curious, the doily
has been put to use on my boyfriend's new altar. Happy Valentine's Day, to anyone who celebrates it. Even if you don't, just remember that all the chocolate will be on sale tomorrow.

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