Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mr Greenjeans is a go!

Having finished the first sleeve, I am feeling much better about the yarn situation. It didn't take two full balls. It took one and a bit, for a sleeve like I want. The astute among you will notice that I altered the sleeve a bit from the pattern. The cabling started earlier and the sleeve is longer overall. On the pattern, the sleeve just looks to be at an awkward length. And I like my sleeves long anyway. In the Boise cold, we have cold and wind, so I tend to wear my cardigans under a jacket, and the sleeves need to be long enough for my to grab and hold while pulling the jacket sleeve on, so it doesn't get pulled up around my elbow.

I tried to get a picture of the sleeve on me, but no amount of twisting and contorting and aid of the bathroom mirror was making that happen.

With the first sleeve finished, I this much yarn left:

Which, according to my calculations, is about 62 yards, using the highly precise and scientific method of drawing out the yarn from my nose across my armspan, and assuming that's a yard. So I should have over a full ball to devote to the body.

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