Monday, January 21, 2008

Problems with tension

I finished Mr. Greenjeans. The jury's still out on this, but there'll be pictures... later. While knitting it, I got bored and started another project. A pair of socks, which are going fine, except for my own internal battle of "I'm bored knitting the same thing, I just want to finish it, but I don't want to have half- balles of sock yarn floating about, so I just need to suck it up and add the increases and make the damn knee highs." But I also started a pair of Spiderman hobo gloves for a friend, who saw the mittens I made. (Originally he wanted hobo gloves with his initials on the back, with a lightning bolt between them. Spiderman is good.) But they're not working.

My tension's wonky, which is nothing new with me and fair-isle, and most of it will block out. Except for the finger. There, the tension is so bad that they don't work as fingers. And I don't think blocking will help. I have, as I see it, four options.

1. Rip the fingers and reknit, paying more attention to the tension. Probably the best solution, but potentially an exercise in futility.

2. Rip the fingers and reknit them, only in red. Solves the tension problem, but will stand out from the rest of the glove.

3. Rip the fingers and just make mitts, without the individual fingers. Oh! And I can tack the edges together to give the illusion of very short fingers.

4. Rip the entire glove, order different yarn, in a fingering weight, where the pattern will be smaller, and there will be a better chance at appropriate tension. Okay, that's a bad idea.

Since I had the tacking/very short fingers idea (literally as I was typing), I'm thinkin' that's the best option.

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