Saturday, January 12, 2008


Part of the yarn my parents sent me was 9 balls of Reynolds Santana, a cotton/acrylic blend. A sweater's worth, in a self-striping beige yarn that reminds me of sand dunes. (As an aside, not that I would ever be rude enough to ask, but I'm pretty sure my dad got this on sale. He's never sent me a sweater's worth of anything before, and the colors are not what he, who gave me my love of bright colors, would have chosen. My mom, if you're curious, gave me my love of black.) Despite the fact that I still have some knitting for others to do, I started a sweater. The self- striping of the yarn was a concern, since that meant my pattern couldn't be anything too complex. Mr. Greenjeans seemed a good choice. Since the original was knit in a variegated yarn, it should go well with mine, and the end result should be a nice spring/summer night cardigan. So I started knitting.

With nine balls, I technically had enough yarn. The original used 3 balls of 280 yards = 840 yards total. I have nine balls of 102 yards = 918. Unfortunately, there's no way to account for how different yarns act, especially switching a 100% wool for a cotton acrylic blend. I figured if I could get the body out of 4 balls, each sleeve would get 2, leaving me with one for the collar. I still have hopes, but... 4 balls wasn't enough for the body. So I strung it onto waste yarn (which also gave me the opportunity to try it on, look in the mirror and exclaim "Cute!"), and started a sleeve. I think I'll have enough. I really hope I have enough.

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