Saturday, August 11, 2007

I really need to start posting semi-regularly.

The Pea Pod Sweater is almost done. I have one sleeve to sew on, buttons to find and attach, and a bunch of ends to weave in (reason number 127 why I prefer wool: You can felt the ends together and eliminate a bunch of finishing). Knitting this was quite enjoyable, to the point I'm eying the leftover yarn and wondering if I have enough to make another one for another baby.

Things I learned for this project: Well, I think this was my first time actually doing mattress stitching correctly. Usually I just eyeball it, picking up however many running stitches I feel like, instead of going two by two. It really does look better when done properly. Who knew? My attaching rows to stitches still needs work though. Hopefully, this will even out with blocking.

Knitting this did make me think about why I knit for other people. Usually, it's something I want to knit, and is gifted to a friend that I want to make happy. This time, well, I don't really know the baby. He was drooling entirely too much for me to hold him. I'm not a big fan of his father, my brother in law, and I cannot stand his mom. I suppose that, ultimately, this was knit for Bradly. He has a nephew that he loves and a wife who knits. Therefore the nephew should have something knitted.

I realize that most of that makes me sound like a terrible person, what with not holding a baby and disliking people that I'm now related to, but I just had to think through why I was knitting for this baby. And it was for Bradly.

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