Sunday, August 12, 2007


I tried. Yesterday, I tried.
Bradly and I went with a friend to a little film festival of shorts at a local movie theater. Knowing that these were independent films, probably of varying quality, it made sense to bring some knitting along. Stockinette, so I could do it it the dark. Lucky for me, I have a sock that needs a mate.
The observant among you may recognize this yarn from a former incarnation as a sock for my dad. However, that sock was too short, and I have reclaimed the yarn for myself.
Anyway, I'm at the theater, knitting, and about halfway through the first film, Bradly leans over. "What are you doing?" Well, obviously I'm knitting. "Why's it making that noise?"
Apparently, my bamboo needles and yarn were too noisy for him. I put my knitting away.
Final note: While some of the films were very enjoyable, some would have been infinitely better with my knitting.

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