Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fireworks and increase rows

Last night was rather nice. While Bradly and I didn't go to any fireworks displays, we did have a view of about three of them from our balcony, plus the idiots with the firecrackers, who were lighting them up in our apartment complex's very small parking lot, with lots of rather expensive cars around. Even if I liked firecrackers (which I don't, since I had an uncle lose a hand to a homemade one), I would not have them around other people's cars. That's just asking for trouble.
On to the knitting. As this blog has demonstrated, I can be a bit of an idiot sometimes. Mainly when it comes to two matching pieces, I don't keep enough records of what I do, so that the second piece bears little resemblance to the first. Case in point: my Lionbrand Jaywalkers. I know that I added more stitches as I went up the leg, but I don't remember where or how. I vaguely remember some complex scheme involving increases at different repeats and rows up the leg, but for the life of me, I don't know when exactly. Instead, I just increased where I felt like it, and am counting on the socks being so tacky, no one wants to stare at them long enough to figure out my increase methods.
As it stands (assuming my counting skills are any good, which I'm not 100% sure they are), I know I need another increase row before the ribbing. I'm just gonna throw it in whenever I bloody well feel like it.
Oh, and a note about that picture: It was taken while sitting at my desk, writing this entry, with my foot propped up on the mouse pad.

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