Sunday, May 20, 2007


In my stash, I had the leftovers from two sock projects. The almost full ball of Knitpicks Essential in Petunia from my Fools Rush socks, and the ball and a half leftover from my finishing the Falling Leaves socks. I could probably get a decent-length socks from the navy, and a pair of anklets from the pink, but I thought it would be really nifty to use the two together for a pair of really long socks. And that's what I did.

At first I was going to do an argyle pattern on the leg, but even after increasing the number of stitches, and switching to larger needles, I could not get it past my ankle. So I gave up, and am incredibly happy with the stripes. Knit on size one needles, beginning with 64 sts for the foot, increased to 72 after the heel, and at some point on the leg, I began increasing so it would fit over my shapely calves, all the way up to 112 sts. That's a lot, by the way. I haven't woven in the ends yet, but I have months to do that before I could even possibly need knee-high wool stockings.

You know what I like best about these socks? Aside from the long stripey goodness? That all most people will ever see of them is this:
They look like the most boring socks in the world, and only I shall know of their hot pink stripey-ness.

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