Wednesday, May 16, 2007

'Cause I just don't have enough to do

My wedding, as of today, is exactly one month away. I still have a couple of more weeks before I fly down to Arkansas to fully immerse myself in last minute, pre-wedding stuff to do, but for now, I seem bound and determined to maintain a certain level of stress pertaining to the wedding.

The veil is finished, the MOH shrug is down to about thirty rows left (approximately), and now, I have decided that I should knit little purses as bridesmaids' gifts. It's entirely selfish, because this is just so they can carry stuff for me at the ceremony (ring, tissues, breath mints, etc.).

The knitting on the first one is done:
Pattern: Knitpicks Generation Purse
Yarn: I don't know the name... it's a polyester, linen, silk blend I got really frickin' cheap online. It's the same yarn that my MOH shrug is made out of.
Needles: Size 4 bamboo straights.
Modifications: Omitted the second eyelet repeat, instead adding a turning row and knitting for six rows in stockinette.

This is blocking right now (anything weird you see on my sheets is just water, I promise), but once it's dry, I plan to line it, sew it up, and find some ribbon to go through the top.

Since the yarn is not terribly elastic, I didn't see much point to blocking it severely. Mostly I just wanted it to soften up a bit, since it has the linen in there.

One down, three to go.

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