Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bridal Veil

Finals are over, I'm just waiting for my grades. I've spent the past week knitting and recuperating and making pathetic attempts to clean my apartment.

I did manage to finish the project that's been looming over my head for the past few months. Yes, that's right, the wedding veil is done.

It still needs to be blocked, rather desperately, but I think I'll just wait until I get to Arkansas for the wedding. Otherwise, I'd just have to block it twice.

Pattern: Ingrid's Bridal Knot Shawl by Bridget Rorem from A Gathering of Lace.

Yarn: Zephyr laceweight, 50%wool, 50% tussah silk. Color, white, I guess.

Needles: Size 4 cheapo-Wal-Mart brand.

Modifications: I didn't need a full circle, so I only knit until row 194 (I think) of the middle section, bound off using the purl 2, slip stitches back on left needles, p2tog approach. I didn't like the crown and heart border, so I omitted it, instead inserting a small eyelet section, before knitting on the braid and sawtooth edging, which may be my favorite part of the entire thing.
All in all, I'm really frickin' pleased with this. Once it's blocked into a better semi-circular shape, and attached to a comb, it'll be really nice for my wedding.
Unfortunately, the wedding knitting is not over yet. My Maid of Honor needs a shrug to go over her dress to make her stand out from the other bridesmaids, so I'm working on that now. Shouldn't take too much longer.

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