Saturday, April 28, 2007

Personal Growth

This has been a week of much personal growth in my household. Number 1, and I realize this doesn't seem like much, but I drank coffee without any milk in it. Very exciting. Previously, I tended to freak out at the idea of black coffee, as opposed to my lovely light brown that it is after the copious amounts of sugar and milk. But, faced with the need for coffee and a lack of milk, I just added my sugar and drank it. And it was good.
Personal growth for my fiancee: He has admitted to a use for knitting needles. Aside from entertaining his girlfriend, that is. He managed to get a game stuck in his X-Box.Which was very sad for me, to see him holding his game console, sobbing, "Not my baby, Lord, not my baby." He's very attached to his X-Box. But I managed to use my size 4, blue aluminum straight needle to bring the game to the front of the opening, and a pair of tweezers to get it all the way out. Apparently, this makes up for stabbing his hand into my container of DPNs.

More personal growth for me:

One sock, knit toe-up to use all the yarn I could. For the first time, I have no sock leftovers. Plus, since the Jaywalker pattern this was adapted from is not terribly stretchy, I had to add stitches along the way to get it to fit. I wouldn't quite say I added calf-shaping. That implies some sort of plan to the increases, but I added stitches, you can't tell where, and they fit. Have I started the next sock yet? For the pair? No. I started a completely new pair. Deal.

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