Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I had hoped to offer, by way of excuse for a lack of posting, a picture of a rough draft of a paper. However, even if you are the queen of procrastination, turns out you can't write a twenty page paper in two days. Who knew?

But I was working on the paper more or less the entire weekend. I did get some knitting done.
Sock number 1 for my dad's huge, clown-like feet. I'm calling these my cholera socks, because I was knitting these while I was supposed to be writing a paper on cholera.
Sock number 2 will not be knit until I know that number 1 fits.
Stats: Basic stockinette sock, knit on size 2 DPNs on 64 stitches around.
Yarn is Regia something, Jacquard color.
I like the socks, though I wish they were a bit longer in the leg. The yarn, I did not like at all. Felt like Lionbrand MagicStripes, and plies had frayed in four different spots, causing me to have eight additional ends to weave in. Maybe the second ball will be better.

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