Thursday, February 1, 2007

Triumph replaced by idiocy

I had hoped to start today's post with a triumphant picture of the 30-odd rows I have knit on my wedding veil. (It's coming out beautifully, by the way.) Sadly enough, that's not going to happen. Why? I spilled Coke on my wedding veil. Let me repeat that: I spilled coke on my wedding veil. And the yarn to make it. I don't think any permanent damage has been made, but it's now soaking in the bathroom sink, so no picture. The funny thing is, I had just moved it so my boyfriend couldn't step on it in his slippered feet. And then I proceeded to pour coke on it. There will be a triumphant picture tomorrow. Jesus Christ, as if the yarn wasn't tangled enough.

I was going to wait until these were done before posting a picture (how many partially completed socks does the blogworld need, anyway), but, without the veil, I got nothin' else.

The cuff, and about five rows, on my Fools Rush socks. I like 'em.
They're pretty.

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