Tuesday, February 20, 2007

There's an errata for the Letter Have It Bag, on the center panel. Which is good, 'cause I thought that seemed awful long. I'm almost done with the center panel, then once everything's seamed together, I'll post a picture. We should be doing laundry here in the next couple of days, so hopefully it'll be done and I can felt it.

The wedding veil was coming along nicely. But then I looked at it, and it seems too solid for my tastes. I want a piece of lace as a veil, not a solid fabric with holes in it. So once my ball-winder arrives in the mail, it'll get ripped out.
The next incarnation of the veil will come, I'm thinking, from Victorian Lace Today. Surfing blogs, it seems like a fair number of the patterns in there will work, at least in terms of shape. So I'll go out and buy that later today.

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