Monday, January 29, 2007

This weekend was, generally speaking, not good for knitting. Those projects I blogged about on Friday? Once again had created a sense of ennui. I cast on something new (big surprise).

The good news is that I finished the Natalya mitts. The bad news is they are currently at my boyfriend's place of employment and I didn't get a picture of them. Pity, the mitten flap was really nice.

The arr-gyle socks are no more. I didn't want to finish knitting the one sock, I knew that I would never make the second, and even if I did get them done, I couldn't wear them for fear of them just falling apart on my foot. So the navy has been reclaimed and the rest of the sock is sitting on the floor, waiting to be thrown away.

On Saturday, I did start Norberta. That's a really quick knit! I only have to make the spine, and then I can sew it up. I kept holding it up at my boyfriend and making growling noises. Sometimes I made him guess what part of the dragon that piece was supposed to be.
He actually got the wings right.

No pictures today. All that exists are piles of indistinguishable yarn.

I'm going to have to leave for school soon, which was irritating, until they started renovating the office right below me. Now, I'm happy about leaving.

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