Friday, January 26, 2007

The Best Laid Plans...

My knitting has been re-prioritized. I have four things on the needles, and I want them off before I start anything new. Three of the four, I've talked about before, and the fourth, well, that's so close to being done I'll probably just wait for a FO post.

1. Natalya mitts for Wayward Boyfriend's co-worker. I finished up the first one, and sent it to work with WB. Apparently, Lisa really likes it, and is suitably impressed with the cabling, so I'm trying to finish these up first.

These also made me realize just how little WB notices how fast I knit. His comment: "You can get those done in, like, a week or so, right?" Me: Love, I can get those done tomorrow." And I can. So hopefully, tomorrow there'll be a FO post, and everyone can see my clever, clever, mitten flaps added on.

2. World's Most Boring Scarf. Since I'm using the same yarn for this as for the gloves, I don't wnat to knit on this until the gloves are done. My theory is the scarf can be shorter than planned for. I can't run out of yarn for the gloves. So, once the Natalya mitts are finished, this will be started.

3. Arrr-gyle socks. These may never be a matching pair. Remember how blase I was about all the ends to weave in? Too many of them. I ended up doing a really shoddy job, where I weave in a couple of stitches, then just tie it together with the nearest other end. Unforetunatley, this is all super-wash wool, so the knots don't hold as well as I would like. I'm scared to wash these socks, and even more scared to make another one. So this one sock will probably get finished, then I'll put everything I need for the second in a Ziploc bag, and forget about it.

Then, I get to start new stuff.

1. Fools Rush socks. I think I'm going to modify these to be toe-up, so I can get really long socks out of them. It helps that the Keyboard Biologist is doing a tutorial on knee-high socks right now, so I won't have to figure too much out for myself.

2. My wedding veil. I have the yarn, I have the charted out pattern, I'm just waiting for the needles to arrive.

3. Norberta. For my dad, I think. I have enough yarn to make two of them, so the plan is for one to go to my dad, who loves all things dragon, and one to go to a friend's child.

Just so this isn't a pictureless post:
My Red Scarves are all ready to go. Worst case scenario, I'll mail these out on Monday. (We don't have a car. It's harder to get to the post office.)

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