Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Just so we know where we stand...

Currently, I only have one project on the needles. This is unusual for me. While I'm not up to the Yarn Harlot's status in terms of UFOs, I do normally have about two to four porjects on the needles at any given time. Now, not so much. Just the one, Mariah from Knitty.

Most knitters discovered this during the Olympics, but it's really amazing just how fast I can knit when it's the only thing I'm doing. Not only do I not have any other projects to distract me, but I'm home on Christmas break. There's nothing stopping me from completely devoting all of my time to knitting this cardigan.

Currently, I'm zooming along. I have both sleeves finished (I worked on those first, two on one long circular needle), the back (which reminded me that stockinette stitch is really, really boring), the left front, and have almost finished the cable portion for the right front. Hopefully, that'll get done today, then I can join everything together and maybe have a new cardigan by the time school starts up again.

It should be noted that when I finished a section, I left the ball of yarn attached. Looking at this now, I'm not quite sure why I did that. It should also be noted that I have a cheap digital camera, and my photography skills are mediocre at best. With any luck, as this blog continues, I'll get better. I also have a fair number of finished objects that I'll showcase as the week goes on.

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