Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Three weeks later...

Three weeks and one wedding later, I'm back at the blog. I left for Arkansas on the first of June and had the best of intentions to blog while away, but when trying to throw together a wedding in two weeks, I didn't have much time for knitting, and even less for blogging. Nothing got finished, most things I just held in my lap while watching TV and fretting about the flowers.

After I got back, I did manage to finish one sock.

The yarn I was using (Knitpicks Bare 75% Superwash Wool, 25% Nylon, dyed with Kool-Aid) was too thin to use with size two needles. I went down to size ones, oddly enough, without adjusting the stitch count. Or the row count on the leg. They still fit fine, although they're not high enough to peek out the top of boots.

Upon completion, I did not cast on the second sock. I cast it aside quicker than a straight-A student dumps his bi-sexual college girlfriend when going home for Christmas. It's summer, y'all. There's no sense of urgency for wool socks. However, I currently have this and the Lionbrand jaywalker missing a mate, and the stripey socks still need to have their ends woven in. So no new socks until these pairs are completed.

The Print o' the Wave shawl, which I originally hoped to gift to my mother while home, has a new deadline: her birthday in November. It still lacks about half the edging.

Starsky Jr. has one sleeve finished, one front finished, and the back done, with the second sleeve started.

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