Saturday, February 3, 2007

What I've learned this week

In lieu of any new and exciting projects (or considerable progress on the old ones), I composed a mental list of what I've learned this week about myself and knitting. The mental list will be transcribed here, for your amusement.

1. I will never be a bonefide lace knitter.
It's not that I can't knit lace. I've never really had any problem with the knitting. I just have such an intense dislike of frogging that mistakes are likely never to be corrected. Case in point: my wedding veil. I know, if you're going to obsess about the perfection of anything, it should be the wedding veil. But somewhere down the line, it looks like I forgot some increases at the end, so the edges of the veil aren't as symmetrical as originally planned. As long as it keeps working out, though, I'll keep knitting.

2. Never bring hand knit accessories on a night out. My favorite pair of gloves, my Broadstreet mitts, were forgotten after a few drinks at a strip club. Sad, really. I'll order some yarn for a new pair soon.

3. My boyfriend approaches my knitting like he views the wedding planning. Smile and nod, Rhiannon will figure it all out.

I thought this list was longer, but it'll have to do.

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