Monday, February 12, 2007

The most annoying sound is coming into my apartment right now. The renovations downstairs are causing a squeaky, shrill drill noise to come up and give me a headache. And my boyfriend's just sleeping through it.

Anyway, I scrapped my original plans for the veil. After a lot of research on-line, I decided to go with the rose trellis lace pattern, in a vague trapezoidal shape. Hopefully, I can block the bottom edge into a soft curve, while not having too much knitted fabric gathered up into the hair comb. (That's why I can't just knit a rectangle. I don't want to spend all that time knitting a pattern that's just going to get eaten up in gathers.) Hopefully, I won't rip this out, but if nothing else, I can always just go buy two yards of tulle and make my veil out of that. (The smart thing would have been to do that at the beginning.)

I did make a mistake in this (see the pretty circle on the picture?) I'm not quite sure what I did, but it looked like I had done one double yarn over instead of two YOs separated by a decrease. I tried to drop the stitch and fix it, but... it's not perfect. I made a M1 increase the next row so everything still worked, but I can live with this, I think (of course, I said the same thing about the first version, and where is it now?)

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